How to choose the right commercial real estate agent

choose the right commercial real estate agentIf you are searching for a new office location, you probably know that the process can be a long and tedious one. It can especially seem tedious if you are also running a business. Luckily, a commercial real estate broker is an option that is definitely worth considering and can save you time and energy while you are tending to the primary needs of your company. However, choosing a commercial real estate agent is a process that, if done right, requires careful consideration and research.

So, what qualities should you be searching for in someone to help find a new location? First, consider their breadth and depth of experience. You should consider the areas that the potential broker has experience in. Explore how many areas of commercial real estate they have worked in and for how long of a period. Sometimes, it can be more effective go with an older, more tenured broker over a young, enthusiastic professional. Breadth of experience in any field is always a wise decision when wanting an experienced agreement process. Breadth of experience also comes into play when factoring in location. If a broker has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in a certain city or region, this can save much more time and effort than a new broker who isn’t familiar with the areas of town, their costs, history, demographics and other critical factors. Having this knowledge can save you a great amount of time and energy.

Additional items to consider include list of services and recommendations, among others. Identifying a list of services will allow you to see what you are, and aren’t going to receive from a broker. Outlining these items one-by-one will help in qualifying this. Also, just as in hiring an employee, reaching out for recommendations of a broker is a good idea as well. A qualified candidate will provide recommendations form previously satisfied sources and clients. Having some of these references to consider will aid in the decision making process.