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Playing Poker with Yourself: The Real Estate Intermediary Relationship

Playing Poker with Yourself: The Real Estate Intermediary Relationship

Have you ever sat down to the table and played a game, such as poker, that usually requires at least two people, all by yourself? This requires a certain amount of self-discipline, and a willingness to see the game from two disparate viewpoints. You need to go into each move seeing only what “this” person would do, and after that, see only what “that” person can do. To not “cheat”, you must not consider the opposing possibilities and counters while deciding your move.

The real estate Intermediary Relationship is rather like that. An intermediary, according to Texas law, is “required to treat each party honestly and fairly and to comply with The Texas Real Estate License Act.” There are several technicalities to the Texas Real Estate License Act, which any realtor worth his salt knows, but what really concerns folks looking for an intermediary is said realtor’s ability to “treat each party honestly and fairly”.

This requires a special breed of person who is able to remain impartial in the works, to look at the board with fresh eyes each turn, and to see what would benefit the client in question without “cheating” by tipping the hand of the other client.

If you are in need of a good intermediary for your real estate deal, one who knows the requirements of the Texas Real Estate License Act, and who will be able to treat both parties honestly and fairly, contact us. Our brokers have the discipline and the willingness to see the process from both sides, and to act as an impartial party to help work out the best deal for both customers.