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Effectively Acquiring, Improving, Developing And Managing Commercial Properties for 40 Years

Leading Houston Commercial Real Estate

Greenberg & Company Founder David Greenberg, President of Greenberg & Company, has been a Houston commercial real estate broker since 1975. In addition to facilitating commercial real estate transactions between buyer and sellers, David has also been directly involved in the operation of construction, development of shopping centers, retail centers, office/warehouses and office buildings.

What Does Our Commercial Real Estate Experience Mean for You?

While there are a number of commercial real estate brokers in the Houston area, how many of them can empathize with building a business in today’s market? David knows the challenges for the business owner and investor in buying, leasing and selling commercial real estate in Houston, because he’s been there. David knows there is more than just the price that goes to make real estate a winning proposition. Our client list goes back 35 years, with repeat clients looking for continued support from Greenberg & Company for all their Houston commercial real estate needs.

Today, Greenberg & Company offers the best service for:

Houston Area Strip Centers
Houston Area Shopping Centers
Houston Area Office Space
Houston Area Warehouses
Houston Area Commercial Land
Property Management

With our experienced staff of commercial real estate brokers,
Greenberg & Company stands ready to assist you.

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