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Factors to Consider When Comparing Land for Sale

Factors to Consider When Comparing Land for Sale

For someone looking to build a business or office space, almost nothing is more important than the location. In general there are typically several plots available that may suit your needs. Some elements that should factor into your decision when comparing land for sale include physical characteristics of the land itself, distance from necessary utilities and suitability of the land for the type of building you are looking to build.

Assess Current Utility Availability

Depending on what you plan to use the land for, it may be necessary to have utilities connected. If the land is rural and far away from electrical, natural gas and water connections, having these elements installed is quite expensive. According to Wikihow, “One of the most important things to ask about first is whether there is a proven source of water on the land. You’ll also want to know if the land can support a septic system, and if it can be placed far enough away from the intended structure to avoid contaminating drinking water.”

Meet the Neighbors

Talk to people who live or own businesses near the plot of land that you plan on buying. They can often provide invaluable information about the land that you wouldn’t be able to access through any other means.

Land History

Get an Environmental Report (ESA) that contains Phase I and Phase II. An environmental report will tell you if there are any issues with the land or the surrounding areas. Environmental clean-up can be extremely costly so make sure to get an ESA report.

Research the history of the land online in order to find out if its prior usage may have an impact upon your intended usage. Previous land usage such as farming or some form of industry could leave the soil contaminated with pesticides or other chemicals.

Research Planned and Current Usage for Surrounding Land

Place a call to the county courthouse and inquire about what the surrounding land is currently being used for and what plans are in the works for land that isn’t developed. Future development such as the building of a subdivision or factory could impact the nature of your intended land usage.

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