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Five Creative Ways to Improve Your Office Space For Rent

Five Creative Ways to Improve Your Office Space For Rent

An available office space for rent can be nerve wracking as that is one less revenue stream. Your best approach to filling that empty space is to prepare it to attract the best tenant, meaning one who builds a strong business and pays on time.

You need to prepare your office space for rent so it is ready to stand out to these ideal clients. Here are five easy and creative ways to do just that and put that “For Rent” sign away for a long while.

1. Consider Furnishing the Office:

If you are renting a smaller single office or one that is nice, but not quite top-rated, consider furnishing it. You do not need to spend large amounts of money; IKEA-type furniture will do nicely. These smaller spaces will attract good, but budget aware, tenants and they will appreciate an opportunity to cut expenses.

2. Provide Parking:

Properties offering parking for both tenants and their customers are very desirable. If your building does not have parking, partner with another business to use their lot for your tenants and their customers. Add any fees as part of the monthly rent. Even if the parking is at a neighboring building, that is preferable to a complete lack of parking or trying to contract with another for monthly parking rates.

3. List Area Amenities:

Is there a favorite lunch spot? An excellent service vendor? List these amenities in a flyer or on a web site. Those not familiar with your neighborhood will want to know if they can walk to pick up lunch or if they need to drive. Business tenants do not just want space to do business. They also want it to be convenient for the way they live. That includes informing them of nearby services including health clubs, FedEx drop boxes, or banks.

4. Offer Options:

If you can offer additional services, including reception, utilities, or Wi-Fi, provide a list of these options and any additional costs. Many find having these services ready and not requiring set-up desirable for saving time.

5. Maintain Signage:

Business tenants like to be visible. Property owners who provide signage remove one more worry from a business owner’s mind. Law and CPA firms especially appreciate this visibility. If you can mount and maintain a sign listing the names of your tenant businesses, they will appreciate that additional marketing that comes from renting from you.

Offering a desirable rental space is how you maintain and attract tenants. Want to fill an office space for rent? Contact us to help market your space and find your ideal renters.