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When to Get an Office Space for Your Business

When to Get an Office Space for Your Business

You’re always on the lookout for how to improve your business, but knowing when exactly to make substantial and key changes in your business is not always clear and black-and-white. That’s the beauty of running a business: there’s not always a right and wrong answer to operating in the business world.

There are things, however, that you can do to increase your chances of success and reduce the impact or the chance of failing at your venture. But you should always be open to the idea of innovating, taking risks, and expanding your business. This will help you to identify opportunities in your business, market, and industry at large that will help you to grow as a business.

Today let’s look at one of the ways you can grow or expand your business: getting a dedicated office space. So as you’re searching for Houston office space for sale, make sure to consider the following characteristics that can indicate an actual need for an office space in Houston.

You Are Seeing Significant Growth in Your Business

If your business is not growing rapidly, it might not make much sense to expand to an office. Although there is a line of thinking that expanding your current operations could lead to a relatable growth in sales and profit. However, if you look at the numbers and you’re not growing significantly, adding an office space could end up causing you to spend an unnecessary amount of money if you’re not ready. If however, you see a consistently rising trend in your business, then getting a new or larger office can make perfect sense as the next big step in your business.

Your Team Continues to Grow and You’re Running Out of Space

The best purchases and investments are associated with an apparent need or done in anticipation of an upcoming need. If your business is seeing growth and it’s required you to hire additional team members, then getting an office space to provide a productivity-oriented environment for your team would be a perfect investment.

Anchoring Your Operations Out of a Specific Location Will Help Your Business

For some growing businesses, having a single base of operations not only helps to make the business run more efficiently and reduce the gap between communications (between your team members or between your team and customers/clients), but it can also boost morale. This is especially relevant if your business up to this point has been largely done by a collective of individuals operating independently, such as through remote work. If you only meet up in person or online on occasion, it’s hard to establish camaraderie between team members.

On top of that, establishing your business office or headquarters in a single location can help you to improve your presence in the local market. Consider these hotspots when looking for Houston office space for sale:


Downtown & Midtown Houston

Downtown Houston is one of the most ideal locations when looking for Houston office space for sale for a business that relies on visibility in the market when factoring in foot traffic. The downtown parts of most major cities are often the busiest and most popular places to go. Having an office space right in the middle of downtown or somewhere highly trafficked means easier visibility to potential customers.

Not only that, but being right in downtown or midtown Houston means that your team has easier access to more food options within walking distance. This can be a smaller, but no less important, variable to consider in your decision making process.


Greenway Plaza

Greenway, known as the higher-end sector of Houston, is a great place for rapidly growing businesses and companies that want to target higher-end clients and customers. You’ll be front and center with a number of other high-reaching businesses, will establish similar minded contacts, and have access to a higher-end client/customer base on average.


Sugar Land

If affordability is a major concern (as it usually is for newer and smaller businesses), Sugar Land can be an idea place to look for Houston office space for sale. Although you may be further from downtown Houston, you’ll still have access to nearby food option, amenities, and will be able to tap into your average city demographic that sits in the middle when it comes to affordability.

If your business doesn’t “need” to capture the attention of the busiest sector of the city (in terms of foot traffic), then Sugar Land could be a great place to establish yourself in.

An Office Would Mean Improved Focus and Higher Productivity

For newer businesses, especially those run by an individual like a single freelancer, working out of a “home office” can result in more frequent and longer bouts of procrastination. Freelancers and solo-entrepreneurs can easily become distracted working in an environment that is not exclusively designed for “being productive.”

Finding a Houston office space for sale can be an option for solo-entrepreneurs and small teams that need a dedicated space to get work done without distractions and while having access to productivity-inducing amenities (like high speed internet, printing equipment, and so on). When you have a dedicated space for your work, it’s easier to get into the mindset of “being at work,” unlike a home office where personal or family time blends into work time, which should be kept separate.

For businesses that have slightly larger teams, having an office only enhances this even further. Even for small teams, having an office space means an opportunity to grow as a business and to literally have extra space to bring more team members in – which can create even more opportunities for growth in your business. Simply having like-minded people around you that are working hard towards a common goal can fuel you to keep working hard on your own.


There are a lot of characteristics and key points to consider when deciding to get an office and look for Houston office space for sale. If your business is dependent on being in a physical location, you or your team would benefit from having a dedicated work space, you value team cohesiveness, you’re running out of space, or you’re seeing a lot of growth in your business, getting an office makes perfect sense.

Contact us today to learn more about finding Houston office space for sale that is ideal for your business type and budget. We’ll help you find a location that meets your needs.