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Houston Office Space for Sale

Houston Office Space for Sale

Finding the Right Office Space in Houston

Trying to find quality Houston office space for sale? Office spaces come and go throughout the year and when you begin your search for office space in the area can dictate what kind of results you find when you begin searching. It can be luck of the draw when it comes to finding “the one” versus an otherwise great office space. There are a number of variables that dictate the quality of office space you find or are shown by an agent. Greenberg & Company can help you find office space for sale around Houston and be your commercial real estate company.

If you haven’t yet considered what kind of office you’re looking for when you begin your search for Houston office space for sale, consider spending some time figuring out what you need the office space for, how it will help your business, the price ranges you can afford, and the physical location of the office itself.

The Budget of Your Business
Whether you’re a one-man show or operating a modestly sized team at your business, you need to know what your budget is. There’s nothing wrong with scoping out office spaces with a Houston commercial real estate company that would be considered expensive because it can help you to provide contrast against more affordable options and to understand “why” some offices are more expensive than others (such as location, the amount of space, etc.).



Location, Location, Location! Where Do You Want to Operate From?

Location is one of the biggest factors of a business as they seek out Houston office space for sale. Of course, the type of business you operate will heavily impact the importance of the location of your office. If your business deals heavily in long-distance dealings or operates primarily through the internet, then where your office is located may not matter as much. On the other hand, if you run a business that is dependent on being with a certain part of Houston, then the location is going to matter a lot more. In addition, the destination of your office space can also impact the overall quality and well-being of your employees and team members. How far will you and your team have to travel to go out for lunch? Is it within walking distance or are you going to have to take more time out to travel? How far is the office from the homes of your existing team? Now start thinking about your customers, especially if your product or service is directly related to serving people in the immediate area. Is the office location within reasonable driving distance to your customers? Is the locale easy to access or does it have convoluted parking?
Houston Office Space Hot Spots
Following up with the location of your office space, the specific region within Houston that you decide to operate your business in can make a big difference. For example, let’s look at Greenway Plaza, downtown, and Sugar Land, to name a few key office rental areas within Houston.

Greenway Plaza

Settling in at the Greenway Plaza in Houston is a great idea if you’re a type of business that can gain additional traction just by having an office or storefront in a busy location. Not only that, but the Greenway/Upper Kirby plaza also has a number of cafes and eateries around that make it very convenient for you and your team members to run out for a quick bite to eat during lunch or after hours.

Greenway Plaza is considered the center of a high-end residential and retail region within Houston. This makes it even more ideal for businesses and offices that serve higher end clients or customers. This Plaza is also considered the “center of growth in Houston,” so you can rest assured that finding an office in Greenway Plaza means that you will be amidst an atmosphere of growth and progression in the city. Our Houston commercial real estate company can assist you in finding the right location for your business.

Downtown & Midtown Houston

Downtown and midtown areas of a city are usually the highlight of any city due to the larger density of population, restaurants, events, nightlife, and more. Finding downtown Houston office space for rent is what you should consider if high visibility and accessibility among an average majority of city goers (as well as visitors) is a major component of your business.

Sugar Land

Located about twenty miles southwest of downtown Houston, Sugar Land is considered one of the more affordable areas within Houston for office space for sale. If you don’t sell premium and high end services or products, establishing an office in Sugar Land may make more sense for your business. Sugar Land office space can also make sense if your business operates largely on the internet and via long-distance business relationships, where your physical location doesn’t matter nearly as much as it would for locale-dependent businesses.

Find Out All the Costs Associated with the Office Space

As you establish the needs of your business, make sure that you are also considering the total cost of an office space. Don’t be tempted to only look at and consider the “rental cost” of an office space in Houston. You’ll need to add that onto your normal business costs. After that you’ll have to consider the costs associated with maintaining an office. Each office’s additional costs will differ from business to business, who the landlord is and their policies, and the location you decide to call home.

Consider added costs like the moving costs to get situated, the cost of maintaining team-member services like a stocked kitchen, the utility costs of operating an office, and so on.

What’s the Parking Situation?

How large is your team? Do you need to have a significant amount of parking space for your team members or are you fine with minimal parking? Now factor in whether or not you’ll have regular visits from your customers and clients. If your business doesn’t require many physical visits from your audience, then parking space may not be as important to factor into your decision making process. If, however, your business is one where getting visited by your customers and clients is common, then you’ll want to factor in the amount of parking space available.

You never want your customers to feel like they are an afterthought, so make sure to factor in their needs when renting or buying office space in Houston.

These questions and major points will help you to narrow down your search for Houston office space for sale or rent, whether you’re looking for something more affordable or require a higher-end community. Factors like destination, your business plans, types of services you provide, your audience, and more, all go into selecting the most ideal Houston office space for sale or rent.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Greenberg & Company and let us know how we can be your Houston commercial real estate company! We’ll help you find the best office space that meets the needs of your business.