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Protest Commercial Real Estate Property Taxes

Protest Commercial Real Estate Property Taxes

As a business owner or team member that analyzes and regulates spending throughout the company, you know that there are a lot of expenses that go into managing your business and keeping it running. It’s natural to want to decrease the amount of expenses that your business faces so that you can increase efficiency and maximize profit throughout the entire organization.


One of the major expenses that a business faces is the costs associated with owning commercial property. Not only do businesses have to face the costs of renting a physical location and the insurance associated with protecting the property, but taxes also need to be paid for that property as well.


Whether you are using the property for your business or are a real estate investor that wants to own property for profit, it’s wise to always be open to opportunities to reduce, eliminate, or fight unnecessary costs and fees.


If you believe you are overpaying on your Houston commercial real estate property taxes, contact us today and we will help you to analyze your situation so that you can verify whether or not your property taxes are correct.

Know the Deadlines

If you find that an appraisal or assessment is not accurate for your property, you have until the specified deadline on your Notice of Proposed Value in order to begin protesting the value of your property taxes. The earlier you get started with filing your written appeal, the better off you will be. Depending on the business, the property, and the location you are in, business and property owners typically have around 30 days (or until May 31st, whichever is later) to appeal property taxes.


Verify the Accuracy of Information Pertaining to Your Property

One factor that can play into incorrect property taxes is when information is improperly filed about your property. Whether statistics have changed or information was submitted incorrectly, verify that the information about your property is accurate on the local appraisal district website.


Collect Relevant Information and Data

When filing for an adjustment to your property taxes, additional information may be required beyond the statistics of your property. Depending on the type of business you are running, you may also need certain financial data related to the business and the property. Types of information that may be required can include profit and loss statements, rent roll, and other applicable financial data.


Compare Your Property Against the Market

When making your appeal against your current property tax value, do some research around the local market and related industry. Look for buildings that share the same characteristics and data, such as building square footage, age, and more. The more information you have to support your protest of property taxes, the better off you will be.


Hire a Professional Consultant

When in doubt, a professional commercial real estate consultant can assist business owners of all sizes, as well as investors using property for profit. Professional consultants know the commercial real estate industry inside and out and know related taxes very well.


Businesses that jump into protesting property taxes without the necessary preparation, knowledge, and information or those that wait too long may not get the reduction in property taxes that they seek. The best cases that result in a reduction of incorrect property taxes are those that are well prepared and utilize a professional consultant who help you collect everything that is required to make your property tax protest.


Contact Us Today to Get Started!


Do you feel that your property taxes are higher than they should be? Contact us today to learn more about your commercial property and whether or not you may be overpaying on property taxes. There can be different factors that result in incorrect property taxes, so it’s important to verify that you are paying the correct amount.


Many consultants will even promise not to issue a fee unless your protest results in tax savings for your business and property. Consultants want to make sure that their clients get the tax reductions they need without increasing the financial risk of hiring someone. A professional consultant that does not issue a fee unless you get tax savings for your property is a consultant that has the interests of you and your business at heart.


It’s always worth it to go the extra step to verify that all payments, fees, and costs are correct as these are expenses for your business. Owners of businesses and properties should always be ensuring that their expenses are as low as possible while remaining within legal guidelines.