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The Changing Face of Commercial Property Management

The Changing Face of Commercial Property Management

When it comes to investing, the commercial real estate market is about the same size as the US stock market, somewhere in the neighborhood of about $15 trillion. Despite the sheer size of CRE, there have been surprisingly few changes in what “business as usual” means in the commercial real estate world. However, few businesses can avoid the updates and changes that have been synonymous with industry since the Internet took the world by storm. Though commercial real estate and commercial property management haven’t been as impacted by technology as their residential counterparts have been, that’s all about to change.

Here are three areas where changes are coming to the industry:

1. Easier, smoother transactions.

Commercial real estate and property management closings and transactions are complicated, time-consuming and frustrating. Greenberg & Company makes accessing commercial real estate information much easier so that your transactions run smoother and are completed faster.

2. Processes are getting streamlined.

One of the reasons that commercial real estate takes so much longer is that there are so many more approvals, more vetting, more forms – more everything. Smarter, more profitable commercial agents and property managers are turning to technology to simplify, streamline and automate more processes. As the processes become more streamlined, transactions will, too.

3. Greater transparency.

One of the struggles in both transactions and processes is that there is a lot of secrecy in commercial real estate. Companies hold their information and insights “hostage.” Now, folks are beginning to realize that this doesn’t just hurt those outside of the company, when information is held hostage, everyone loses. Now, CRE companies and managers understand that greater transparency means more opportunity for success.

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