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The Top 3 Commercial Listing Service Providers

The Top 3 Commercial Listing Service Providers

The real estate market is a massive industry, regardless if you are a seller, buyer or agent of commercial properties. Sellers need effective ways to list their properties, buyers need an easy way to find available locations, and agents need a convenient way to filter through available properties while having the ability to increase awareness about their clients’ properties.

Over the years, commercial listing service providers have cropped up to help meet the needs of buyers, sellers, and agents of real estate. However, not every listing service is top notch and it’s important to take into consideration the available tools and find the provider that’s ideal for you.

Today we’ll explore more about commercial listing service providers and three great options for you to try.

What Is a Commercial Listing Service Provider?

A commercial listing service provider (sometimes referred to as a “multiple listing system/service”) is a tool that archives properties from all over the city, state, country, or even across the world. Each provider has a database for buyers, sellers, and agents to utilize for inputting or finding information about real estate properties.

If a commercial real estate property owner wants to get their property seen by more potential businesses looking for commercial properties, that owner can list their property on a listing service provider’s database.

A buyer, or an agent of that buyer, can then search that provider’s database for potential property listings. The listings will provide information about the property that will help buyers and agents can use to filter out properties that won’t suit their needs.

Some service providers may restrict use of their commercial real estate listing service to brokers only, limiting the scope of the membership base, but narrows it on individuals who are actively involved in the industry.


LoopNet is a popular option among commercial real estate brokers. With over 5 million monthly visitors, 800,000 available listings, and $425 billion in property for sale, this provider is a worthwhile candidate for brokers who are trying to help buy and sell properties for their clients.

LoopNet also comes on a mobile application, allowing brokers the ability to access its 800,000+ available listings on the go, anywhere they can get an internet connection. This app features advanced search options and filters that make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Saved listings, searches, watch lists, and alerts will sync from one device to the next. The app becomes a perfect companion for the broker on the go.

LoopNet comes with both a free product as well as a “Premium Lister” product, allowing users to pick and choose how involved they want to get with LoopNet.


CommGate, short for Commercial Gateway, focuses on commercial properties that are for sale or are available for lease in the Greater Houston area. When information about a property is submitted, it’s distributed to the 1,300+ members of CommGate. The staff at CommGate also does extensive research in order to survey and update 8,000 properties in the area every quarter.

Even though there is a membership, the general public can still utilize the service at CommGate to search available properties for purchase or lease, for free. Users that want a more in depth service and need to go above and beyond can purchase a paid membership to gain access to additional tools that allow them to get ahead. Paying members can also utilize other tools for preparing research reports, aerial photos, marketing flyers, specialty advertising, and more.

While anyone can utilize CommGate to find potential properties for purchase or lease, a membership is required in order to list an available property onto the database.


CoStar’s goal is to equip their clients with everything they need to succeed in the commercial real estate industry. We equip all of our clients with the tools and resources they need to get and stay one step ahead of other brokers and organizations.

CoStar has created a multitude of opportunities through their service using a combination of tools, resources, and a deep understanding of over 4.5 million commercial real estate properties in the market.

With CoStar, you will have the opportunity to post and find relevant information, connect with the right people, and create and close a deal that is perfect for you or your client. CoStar is committed to helping clients succeed, and it begins with unmatched levels of market research.

Going beyond some of the industry’s best research efforts, the company also boasts one of the most comprehensive commercial real estate database about commercial properties. When you need to win clients through accurate and timely information, you’ll stay competitive in the market with CoStar’s comprehensive database and tools.

The company offers a myriad of products that are tailored to specific needs. For example, there are CoStar products for properties, tenants, market analytics, portfolio strategy, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about commercial real estate listing services and the providers we recommend. These providers can help brokers like you get more clients and meet their needs with ease. Whether you’re listing a product for a client or trying to acquire one, you can’t go wrong with one of the three major commercial real estate listing service providers above. Give us a call and send us the questions you have, whether it’s about commercial real estate or the services that brokers utilize to get ahead in their market.